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Res-V Ultimate


Prevention better than cure

I have been taking Res-V-Plus for many years now and at 84 has kept me off needing any other medication. Has kept me fit, and has enabled me to travel 'the world'. I would definitely recommend everyone to take Res-V-Plus early in life as I have.

Joy Ritchie


Res V Ultimate works for me

I am 65 and very fit and active but without a doubt Res V makes me feel better mentally and physically. This is why I am a repeat user. Would recommend it to everyone.

M. Garlick


Lester's Oil


Lester's Oil

Lester's Oil was recommended to me by a very enthusiastic friend. She had been using this product for some time and waxed lyrical about how good it was. At that time I was using another brand which I felt was good enough so I held off, besides which Lester's Oil was much more expensive and I did not feel I could justify the increase to my budget. Also at this time I noticed that when I got out of bed every morning I staggered rather than walking upright. Finally I caved in and bought a six-month supply of Lester's Oil. Oh my goodness! It wasn't long, only a matter of a day or two and I was walking upright after getting out of bed. Did it feel good. Since then I have continued with Lester's Oil on a yearly basis. The last order found me asking for nine months of Oil and a three months supply of Lester's Gold. It will be interesting to see if Lester's Gold is even better.

T. Smith


Excellent Product

Within a month I have found my hips and knees are not sore and walking each morning is a breeze...Thank you Lester's Oil.

K. Durkin





I have a disease called sarcoidosis (of the heart). I am on medication and have added Oli-Resist , Lesters Oil, Res-V plus and mulitiva. After taking these I feel great. In my recent PET scan the inflammation on my heart has gone. Oli-Resist helps with anti-inflammation and along with the other products listed I believe it is doing its job. Very please.



Great immune support

I have been giving Oil-Resist to my daughter for over a year now. Due to a health condition she used to get sick all the time. Since she has been taking it she has not had the flu or a cold. I recommend this product to everyone specially those with low a low immune system.

S. Burfield-Mills


Healthy Ageing Pack


80 years young!

I take Lester’s Oil and Res-V Ultimate daily and combine that with 1 hour cardio and weight training at my gym, which has 1 on 1 supervision and new programme every 6 weeks. I go 3 times a week and also walk my dog every day. I am very fortunate I have no medical conditions and take no medication. I will be 80 years young in August 2015. Exercise combined with Lester’s Oil and Res-V Ultimate is definitely the secret to good health. I eat anything, but in small portions and fresh produce only, except for a little decadence now and then – 3 meals a day plus 1 only glass of red wine.

C. Harrison


benefit to joints

Res-V and Lester's Oil have made it possible for me to get up and down stairs.

R. Robertson


Lester's Oil Gold


Good stuff!!

Don't feel like an old man getting out of bed now. Joints much better than before.Have also noticed an improvement in hair, memory and skin appearance.



Getting older, but feeling younger

I have been taking Lester Oil for several years and chose to try Lester's Oil Gold this time. Always felt that Lester Oil kept this 70 year old body in good health, but this 'Gold' product makes me feel and act even younger!!

M. Cropper