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Immune Health

Take charge of your immune health with About Health's immune system supplements. Our Oli-Resist High Strength and Multiva Advanced formulas are a natural choice, available individually or in a numerous value packs. Trust us for quality immune support and prioritize your well-being.

Immune Health
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Your body has an in-built army of cells, especially designed to protect us from illness. However, the nature of modern living sees our immune defences being challenged in unexpected and continually evolving ways. At times, our ever-vigilant immune system can become overwhelmed or weakened, and we need additional support. This may be due to a chronic health condition or a stressful lifestyle caused by work, family or personal issues, or an inadequate dietary intake of essential nutrients.

About Health has immune system supplements designed to support and maintain your immune system function. If you’re considering taking supplements to boost your immune system and are wanting to buy immune system supplements in New Zealand, try our Oli-Resist High Strength formula. Oli-Resist provides natural immune system support, and can be purchased individually or as part of an immune support value pack which includes a range of vitamins for immune system support.

Vitamins for Immune Support

Oli-Resist High Strength is our new immune support formula. It is a unique combination of herbal extracts including Olive Leaf extract, Echinacea and Schisandra, delivering an innovative immune tonic, formulated to support daily wellness. About Health are proud to sell our top-quality natural health products and health supplements online to help support the health of New Zealanders.

The Benefits of Immune System Boosters

Natural immune support supplements can give your body a boost in times of need, to help reduce the likelihood of catching mild illnesses. Taking immune support supplements can be particularly beneficial leading into winter when it is common to catch a cold, or if you feel that you are not consuming enough immune supporting foods in your diet. About Health sells immunity boosting supplements that are proudly made in New Zealand.

Immune System Supplement FAQs

What is immune system support?

You can support your immune system by consuming natural supplements, which can give your body a nutritional boost and reduce your chances of catching mild illnesses. Immune system boosters such as our Oli-Resist formula can help to support your immune system in times of need.

Which supplements boost the immune system?

Oli-Resist High Strength contains three key natural products to help provide immune system support:

  • Olive Leaf — Known to be one of the oldest cultivated trees in the world, the olive tree has a rich history as a medicinal plant. While we are all familiar with olive oil from the fruit of the olive tree, it is the leaves that supply the immune-supporting compound, oleuropein.
  • Echinacea — Another plant with a long history of medicinal use, especially amongst native Americans. Echinacea has become very well known due to the popularity of complementary medicines in offering support for many common health problems - without the side effects. Echinacea has been the subject of numerous clinical studies, supporting its reputation for safety and efficacy in strengthening the immune system, and supporting the body’s defence against respiratory tract problems.
  • Schisandra — A traditional Chinese Herb is acknowledged as an effective adaptogen, or mediator, to help support the body’s defences against disease. Schisandra helps the body to cope with the added stressors during times when we may be susceptible to illness while providing a sense of calm.