Our story

Our story is a little different to most companies. It all began in 2005 when Dan, the founders, mother Jillian was not well. Having a serious blood disorder, Jillian had to finish work and couldn’t do a lot of things she wanted to. As well as this, there were serious mobility issues which meant Jillian needed to use a special chair and a grabber stick and was in need of a hip replacement.

Why About Health began

Dan, set out to help his mum, using his science background. Researching all over the world, he came across resveratrol and all the benefit its research was showing. With the help of his supplier, Dan created a product that he hoped would help his mother. Within a short period of time Jillian was moving more freely, no longer needed her special chair or grabber stick, and within a year was completely fine. This encouraged her many art class friends to seek out Dan to get hold of the product he created.

In 2006, Dan saw an opportunity to introduce this product to the many thousands of New Zealander’s who could benefit, and About Health was started. It’s been an interesting road since then, creating products like Lester’s Oil, named after his father, to Multiva, to help kiwi’s who are deficient in quite specific minerals. Each time Dan has set out to create a product it has been with a specific person and problem in mind, showing a truly caring nature and need to help, which has lead to an accidental success story.

76,000+ kiwis

Since 2006, over 76,000 kiwi’s have tried About Health supplements, with thousands of positive reviews on how About health products have changed their lives. You don’t have to take our word for it, have a read of the reviews, and watch the videos of customer testimonials


My Mother's Story

It all started back in 2005 when my mother was diagnosed with a serious blood ailment, her prognosis wasn't good and to top it off she also had joint mobility issues and was in desperate need of a hip replacement operation. This was a huge blow to me and my family and I was desperate to give her a better chance at life, so I set out researching natural products.


During my search I came across an article on resveratrol in the Australian Science Magazine Cosmos. In the article Dr. David Sinclair, a scientist at Harvard University, shared his fascinating research on the substance and its numerous potential health benefits. I know reading science magazines for fun might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have always maintained a keen interest since I graduated with a Master’s Degree in science in 1994, so this really caught my attention and I thought I need to get hold of some of this for my mother to try.

At the time, resveratrol wasn't being sold anywhere; however, I was determined to source some for my mother. I eventually found a supplier and together we selected the formula that later would become known as New Zealand’s number one selling resveratrol supplement, Res-V Plus. I gave my mother some to try and just 10 days later I received a phone call from my father who exclaimed:

Although I had set out to help Mum with her much more serious health issue, this unexpected benefit was a great result. Within weeks, I started receiving positive feedback from my mother's friends who had seen significant improvements in my mother’s mobility and wanted to try some themselves. I was handwriting the ingredients on labels and out the door it went, I hadn’t even given it a name. I thought to myself there must be so many other people that could benefit from this product; it was this that led to the founding of About Health in 2006.

And on the subject of her more serious condition, I am happy to report that she received some great news a couple of years later, and it has only improved in the 5 years since then.

I have invested a lot of time into researching natural products and formulating multi-ingredient, multi-benefit supplements and while there are no guarantees in life, I firmly believe that supplements can help increase our chances of living longer, healthier lives.


Dan King (M.Sc)
Founder & Director