We make it easy

Subscribing to our products is easy, and you are always in control.  You can subscribe to our products and have them delivered to your door every 3 months.

You can update your subscription to add different products, or remove them if you no longer take them.



Why should I join?

The big benefit of joining our subscription service is that you save!

Your subsequent subscription orders over the next three will get cheaper until you reach your 'Best price guarantee', this will be your ongoing price. Should our prices have to rise, this will be notified and you will still have the best price guarantee. 

Your best price guarantee will be activated once you reach your 4th subscription order. 

As long as you remain in the program you will get the best price, guaranteed. You'll still get gifts when we are giving them too, so you'll never miss out.


As an example, if you were to purchase the Healthy Ageing Pack, you would normally pay $197. In the subscription service, only your first order is $197.

Order two, sent after 3 months, will be $188.

Order three, sent 3 months later, will be $178.

Order four, sent 3 months after that, will be $168, and your 'Best Price Guarantee' has been activated.

In all subsequent subscripton orders, your price will be $168. This will only change if you leave the subscription service.

What about changes?

Going away?

No problem you can pause your subscription or have it shipped sooner.


What if I have capsules left?

No problem, you will be emailed a few days before your products ship and you can choose to delay the delivery by one week, or two weeks. Ensuring you don't have too many bottles at once.


What if I want to cancel? 

You can cancel anytime, but if you do you'll lose our best price guarantee and the 'Best price guarantee'.  Of course, you can join again and earn your way to the 'best price guarantee' again, but if there has been a price increase in the meantime your new 'best price guarantee' may be different and you may end up paying more.

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