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Lester’s Oil Human Study Results – HDL cholesterol
I am writing a series on the results of our Lester’s Oil human trial. As I’ve said over the last couple of weeks, there are literally thousands of supplements sold in New Zealand and you can probably count those with real research on the fingers of one hand. I will keep these articles briefer than some of my former 22 volume Odysseys ;) and in this weeks issue I will focus on HDL cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is known as the ‘Good Cholesterol’. In short, cholesterol can be a problem when small particles of LDL cholesterol (known as bad cholesterol) get into cracks and clog arteries, and the real enemy may well be inflammation that many researchers now believe cause these cracks in the first place. The standard treatment your GP will advise is a permanent dose of statin drugs, these are proven in drug company research to benefit just 1 in every 100 people who are drugged…and that’s if you believe the drug company research, which you shouldn’t because even to get this dreadful strike-rate they ‘cherry pick’ participants for the studies - those they know are likely to have a more favourable result. That said, take it up with your GP, as many GP’s now do their own research and don’t just take the word of drug company sales reps. Anyhow…HDL cholesterol is good; you want it as high as possible. HDL cruises the blood stream and scavenges the LDL cholesterol from where it doesn’t belong. It has another important job, and that is repairing the walls of arteries (that are likely damaged due to chronic inflammation). This damage is the first stage of ‘atherosclerosis’, or the narrowing of the arteries due to LDL cholesterol buildup, this process is commonly known as first stage of heart disease.  Thus it has been known for a long time that high HDL cholesterol lowers risk of heart disease. As I said in a previous article (which you can read here), even high LDL cholesterol is not the villain it is made out to be, it tends to be a risk when combined with other inflammatory risk factors, such as smoking, high amounts of inflammatory foods like sugar (and alcohol), obesity, lack of exercise and a high intake Omega-6 (Omega-3 from fish oils is anti-inflammatory). HDL cholesterol is anti-inflammatory, and beyond heart disease, inflammation is a major risk factor for many other serious diseases, including cancer. It pays to fight this any way you can. Making lifestyle changes I have mentioned in the previous paragraph would be a great start, and Lester’s Oil is great supplement to aid you in this. In our double blind randomized, placebo controlled ‘crossover’ study conducted by the Nutragenomics research group, at Auckland University, Lester’s Oil raised HDL ‘the good cholesterol’ and has other anti-inflammatory properties I will focus on in future newsletters.  You know when you use Lester’s Oil that unlike the generic research most supplements rely upon, this complex formula has real research proving it provides benefits, and these were seen in just four weeks of using Lester’s Oil at the normal dose. Daniel King, MSc (hons)