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Res-V Ultimate
  • Was taking a handful of other supplements now just taking Lester's Oil and Res-V Ultimate. Now have more energy and feel much better for it.

    Rod, 21 December 2014

  • Great product. Been using Res-V Plus then Ultimate for a number of years. Great for energy levels.

    Glynis, 11 January 2015

  • I wondered what benefits I was getting from Res-V Ultimate so I didn't renew my usual after running out. Well I certainly noticed a difference so went straight back and ordered again. Res-V Ultimate is a supplement I recommend to all my friends especially after they have remarked on how much younger I look for my age and my great energy levels. 

    Lesley Locke, 09 January 2015

  • Have been taking Res-V Ultimate for quite awhile. I take two tablets at night and certainly know the difference if I forget to take them.

    Dorothy Blair, 24 December 2014

  • I have been taking Lester's Oil and Res-V Ultimate for a long time now and I just wouldn't stop. It's amazing and I feel great.

    Jenni McDonald, 12 December 2014

Lester's Oil
  • Allan Humphrey, May 2012

    Hi. I am 68 and have had many years of pretty energetic life in the way of shearing and farming on very steep hill country. I thought my knees were stuffed as the pain was quite bad and getting up was a bit of a joke if there was nothing to hold on to. I started off with some of the old Res-V Plus and after a few weeks I had sort of forgotten about the discomfort. I can actually run now and that is something I have not done for many years. My blood pressure is pretty good at 130/80 and my GP is looking forward to my annual checkup as he knows it won't take long so it's money for old rope.

    P.S. I still drink too much and eat fatty foods as I feel that if it doesn't taste good why bother to chew it.

    Allan Humphrey, May 2012

  • Since taking Lester’s Oil earlier this year, I have had no pain in my fingers. For the previous three years, each winter I have had sore finger joints. I have tried various other fish oil remedies, with little success. As my immunology pathologist son had previously told me (until your Lester’s concentrate became available), the problem was that no product had sufficient concentration in it to be effective it most cases. Your Lester’s Oil has certainly stopped my finger pains this winter. If only you could have made it earlier for your Dad...Regards.

    Henry Languth, Auckland, September 2012

  • David H. W. Hartnell MNZM, Hollywood Gossip Columnist

    I'm not one to gossip but...........As a Hollywood gossip columnist I have to keep on top of all the latest celebrity goings on, which believe me is a full time twenty four seven job. Since taking Lester's Oil I seem to have much more energy, I feel a lot healthier and my skin has taken on a some what brighter look and feel.

    I would thoroughly recommend this product, and my lips will not be sealed when it comes to telling people about Lester's Oil.

    David H. W. Hartnell MNZM, Hollywood Gossip Columnist

  • Clive Brumby, February 2013

    I have been suffering from headaches for some years due to nerve pressure in my neck. I was taking ordinary fish oil tablets daily and visited an osteopath for treatment which provided some relief. I was however getting a spate of headaches at least once a week depending on physical activity. It required the taking of some very nasty pain killers.

    I started taking Lester's Oil in December last year. What and improvement! It took a few weeks to notice the difference but since then I have only twice had to take pain killers in the past 3 months. A huge improvement that has changed my life! 

    Thank you for Lester's Oil.

    Clive Brumby, February 2013

  • Just want to say I am loving Lester’s Oil. I’ve listened to About Health on Newstalk ZB and finally got some. People are commenting how well I look, how clear and bright my eyes are looking, and questioned if I have change my skin care product. The only thing different is I’m taking Lester’s Oil!

    Abbie-Jayne Montgomery, December 2012

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