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I find it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. Can Resveratrol help me?

We receive a lot of feedback f...

Tags: diabetes lose weight res v res-v resveratrol weight loss


I have asthma. Is it ok for me to take Res-V?

Yes, Res-V is suitable to take...

Tags: allergies asthma res v res-v resveratrol


I see that Res-V contains pine bark, can I take this if I have an allergy to nuts?

The proteins which cause a rea...

Tags: allergies allergy nut allergy nuts pine bark res v res-v


Will I still need to take my cholesterol medication if I am taking Res-V?

Yes. Res-V does not replace me...

Tags: cholesterol medication res v res-v


Can I take a Resveratrol supplement if I am taking antidepressant medication?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to t...

Tags: antidepressant medication antidepressants depression res v res-v resveratrol


I am going to have an operation in the coming weeks. Do I need to stop taking Res-V?

We recommend stopping Res-V tw...

Tags: operation res v res-v surgery


I have had prostate problems recently, will Resveratrol be beneficial for me?

Res-V contains several ingredi...

Tags: prostate prostate cancer res v res-v resveratrol


I have recently been under a lot of stress which has left me exhausted and emotionally drained. Can Res-V help me?

We have had a lot of feedback...

Tags: res v res-v resveratrol stress wellbeing


I often wake up during the night, can Res-V help with my erratic sleeping patterns?

Res-V is not a sleeping pill....

Tags: res v res-v resveratrol sleep stress


Will Res-V help my aching joints?

Res-V offers support for the d...

Tags: joint pain joints res v res-v resveratrol


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