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What type of Vitamin D is in Lester's Oil?

The Vitamin D used in Lester's...

Tags: lester's oil vitamin d vitamin d3


Can children take Lester's Oil?

Lester's Oil is only suitable...

Tags: children lester's oil


Is it ok to take Lester’s Oil with other Vitamin D tablets?

Yes, this is fine. Lester’s Oi...

Tags: lester's oil vitamin d


Can Res-V help to lower blood pressure? And is it ok to take products when you have high blood pressure and have underlying medical causes?

Res-V contains ingredients tha...

Tags: blood pressure co-q10 lester's oil res-v


Can you take Res-V and Lester’s Oil together?

Yes, we don’t sell everything...

Tags: lester's oil res-v


Are any of your products a good alternative to gout medications?

No, but they can be used by pe...

Tags: circulation fish oil gout lester's oil medication res-v


Would Lester’s Oil be beneficial in reducing cholesterol?

Fish Oil is known to support h...

Tags: cholesterol fish oil lester's oil omega 3


Can Lester’s Oil help with dry skin conditions?

Lester’s Oil is beneficial for...

Tags: dry skin hair lester's oil nails skin


I've found that taking fish oil leaves a very bad fish taste in my mouth – is this normal?

Lester's Oil should not give y...

Tags: fish oil lester's oil reflux


Can I use blood thinning medication such as Warfarin, Pradaxa and Clopidogrel with Res-V or Lester’s Oil?

While these supplements are ge...

Tags: blood thinner blood thinning medication clopidogrel lester's oil pradaxa res-v warfarin


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