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The powerhouse coenzyme!

While everyone is running for the latest immune supplement, the vitamin C’s and zinc, they’re really missing out on one crucial key ingredient.  Without this critical co-enzyme, you’ll be tired, vulnerable and less covered.

For those of you running for the Vitamin C, wondering why we have only small amounts – it’s a question we get asked daily – the idea that vitamin C has any real immune-boosting powers was first raised by Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, way back in the ’70s. But his bolder claims haven’t stood the test of time. [1]

Another area where there are mixed reviews is Zinc when it comes to supporting your immune function. Many of the successful studies [2] used over 5 times of the NZ daily suggested limit, and almost double what the NIH puts as the upper safe limit [3]. Getting your general daily intake over zinc is certainly beneficial but there are even better ways to support your immune system.

This antioxidant powerhouse helps to support a huge amount of your cellular energy and is often called the ‘spark plug’ of the heart. And, according to a study, published in the esteemed, peer-reviewed, Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences, it “plays a significant role in boosting the immune system and physical performance, as tissues and cells involved with immune function are highly energy-dependent and therefore require an adequate supply… for optimal function.”

It’s also been proven, time and again, to support:

  • Heart and cardiovascular system
  • Energy production at a cellular level
  • Antioxidant protection

So, without further ado, the nutrient that is a 'definite' to support your immune health is CoQ10.  This coenzyme plays an important role in energy production in each and every cell, ensuring you get CoQ10 daily is the key to unlocking its potential.

Even minor deficiencies can have an impact on your body’s energy production. So, if you’re feeling a bit blah and sluggish, it could mean your CoQ10 levels are low.

CoQ10 is so powerful and important, even mainstream doctors are prescribing it to their patients. Perhaps you’re already taking a CoQ10 supplement? 

Grabbing a single ingredient CoQ10 off the shelf isn’t going to give you the best absorption, in fact, many CoQ10’s sold over the counter can be only 3% absorbable. That’s why you start to see massive doses in CoQ10 supplement because you need that massive dose to absorb a little.

CoQ10 is a fat-soluble molecule meaning that you need fat or oil surrounding the molecule to help the body absorb it. Lester’s Oil and Lester’s Oil Advanced are both high strength fish oil, with up to 150mg of CoQ10 in an easily absorbable daily dose. 

Another area to think about is if you’re taking cholesterol-lowering medication. If so, then CoQ10 is a must. In 1990, Dr Folkers was one of the first researchers to prove that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs also lower levels of CoQ10. He published a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showing that one particular statin drug lowered the body’s levels of CoQ10 by almost 20% in just 29 days.

Numerous studies since this one have shown drops in CoQ10 levels ranging from 29% to 50% after a similar time period.

With more and more people on statin drugs each year to help lower their cholesterol, you need to support your heart with a CoQ10 supplement.

Lester’s Oil and Lester’s Oil Advanced not only give you a great daily intake of high-quality fish oil, but you’re also getting a full dose of CoQ10, and a full daily dose of vitamin D.  Along with further antioxidants to help protect the joints, heart and brain Lester’s Oil and Lester’s Oil Advanced should be the first point of call to support your immune function this winter.

So, don’t wait another day. Do something powerful to support your body and keep you well, order your risk-free supply of Lester’s Oil or Lester’s Oil Advanced today.