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The power of combinations

We have started to get the question of should I take FlamaSolve Plus alongside Lester’s Oil, Res-V Ultimate and/or Element 12?

As with all products from About Health, our aim has been to provide products that support healthy ageing and comfort.  FlamaSolve Plus has been specifically formulated to sit alongside, and in many cases enhance, the effects of our other famous products like Lester’s Oil and Res-V Ultimate.  Whilst these products get to work supporting joints, heart, energy and vitality, FlamaSolve Plus works to support the bodies response to cell activation when you are looking for optimal joint and muscle comfort.

Lester’s Oil

Lester’s Oil or Lester’s Oil Advanced and FlamaSolve Plus work particularly well together to support joint health, comfort and mobility. The combination of Omega-3 fatty acids and PEA together work from two angles to help the joint at the source of concern as well as from a neurological pathway.


Element 12

Element 12 and FlamaSolve Plus work well together to support muscle health and comfort. When combining magnesium, L-theanine and PEA, you’re creating an all-round formula to help relax muscles and get a great night sleep.  We know that when you have great support for joints and muscles, as well as a good nights sleep, you can face the day ahead with more oomph.


Res-V Ultimate or LifeMax NR

Res-V Ultimate or LifeMax NR and FlamaSolve Plus work together to bring about overall joint and muscle health. The combination of resveratrol and PEA help you to give your muscles the comfort they need and the energy to use them. Additionally, the benefit of nicotinamide riboside at the cellular level can help bring comfort, mobility and energy together for the ultimate combination.


If you don’t currently have any mobility concerns or joint challenges, then FlamaSolve Plus may not need to be added to your preventative regime. However, did you know that you can also use it as a replacement for times when you may reach for something from over the counter for headaches?

Remember that all About Health products come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you’re not completely happy after taking the product you can return it to us for your money back.


Are there any side effects or cautions with FlamaSolve Plus?

If you are allergic to latex or pineapples (usually these two allergies go together) then you will need to avoid the product. If you are on powerful blood thinners such as Warfarin then it is recommended that you speak to your health professional before starting this product.  We also recommend stopping the product two weeks before surgery and not starting again until two weeks after.