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Put a spring in your step!

Do you find it’s hard to function through the day without a coffee, or four? Perhaps you find yourself having a little nap on the sofa halfway through the day, or getting out of bed is getting later in the morning?

The impact on your life from low energy and vitality can be massive. Our hobbies, sports or family life can suffer, leaving you missing out. It’s important to ensure you maintain your energy levels as much as possible through the day.

One of the biggest concerns with low energy though is the loss of independence.  This loss can be a much bigger concern than just missing a sport of social activity. The loss of independence is life changing and more many it becomes a downward journey.

However, it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom if you currently don’t have the energy levels you would like to have. Here’s a few tips to help you maintain, or get those energy levels back:

Diet: Ensure your diet is full off the right stuff, dark green leafy vegetables, a good source of protein and oily fish.

Exercise: Ensure you move for your 30 minutes a day, even if it is out in the garden or for a walk.  It may sound odd, but regular exercise can help maintain energy levels.

Sleep: This may also sound like a silly thing to say, however, quality over quantity. 6 good hours is better than 9 broken hours. A restful night’s sleep in deep REM cycles does wonders to invigorate the body and mind!

Supplement: Not all supplements are created equal, and there can be a lot of confusion around what you should or shouldn’t take. Choosing a supplement that is tested, and proven is always important. Research into the ingredients so you can be confident in what you are taking. A high quality magnesium can help with a quality night’s sleep, and resveratrol, turmeric and green tea as powerful antioxidants, can help keep your energy and vitality at levels you need to be the best you.

Taking a high quality multivitamin is equally important. A recent study shows that 43 of today’s most common fruits and vegetables have lost as much as 38% of their nutrient content between 1950 and 1999. As we age our nutritional needs increase, and it's not always possible to get all you need from these fruits and vegetables - and this is where a good multivitamin comes into play!