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Maintain your independence and your peace of mind!

Looking after our joints as we age is vital to ensure that we stay active and mobile and achieve all that we want to. Our joint health ensures that we maintain our strength, mobility and independence.

Most of the discomfort we feel when moving comes from inflammation around the joints which can be further aggravated by trying to force the joint to move, or by trying to compensate for the discomfort by moving in a way that we are not designed to.

So, what can we do to support our joints?

Drink enough water. The joints in your body depend on water to enable the blood to deliver the necessary nutrients and remove toxins. Cartilage is also 65 to 85 percent water, so drinking enough is important for joint health.

Move right. On a daily basis, movements can support or weaken joints. Maintaining good posture by standing straight and sitting correctly protects vital joints in your neck and knees. When lifting, bend those knees, rather than using your back. Make sure to regularly exercise your muscles too, light weight training can help to keep those muscles around the joints strong. Don’t overdo it with the weight though and make sure you use the correct movement.

Maintain a healthy weight. When our weight increases, we start to put extra pressure on the joints. Research shows that for every pound gained, a person puts four times more stress on their knees. Finding a way to keep active with something you enjoy is the perfect way to maintain a healthy weight. Why not go for a walk with a good friend, not only will it increase the heart rate, which is good, spending time with people whose company we enjoy has overall wellness benefits too!

Keep your body aligned. When our body is out of alignment joints don’t move as they should causing poor posture and more wear and tear. In the best case scenario, it’s a niggle, in a worst case its debilitating. Ensure that you maintain your posture and when you aren’t aligned visit a chiropractor, osteopath or massage therapist.

Supplement. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all well and good, as is maintaining the correct posture, weight, water intake and all the other essential things we should do.  The reality is that many of us don’t have the time, or knowledge to do the above and this is where supplementation is vital.  Res-V Ultimate and Lester’s Oil Gold go hand in hand to support healthy aging, ensuring that you move freely and free of discomfort, so you can maintain your independence. With the support of the antioxidants in Res-V Ultimate and the high strength fish oil in Lester’s Oil Gold, you’re giving your body the best chance to be at it’s best.  After all, you’ve earned it after the years of working to get where you are. Made in New Zealand, Res-V and Lester’s Oil are both batch tested every time we produce them so you can be sure of their quality. If you haven’t already, try them today!