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Three  top selling nutritional supplements: How do they work together to support your health…

We all know we should eat a varied diet with lots of whole, unprocessed foods to get our macro-nutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) and micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes). But when it comes to nutritional supplements there are so many available touting wonderful sounding benefits, it can be really hard to figure out exactly what you need to take.


Will I be getting too much of anything?

Am I wasting my money?

Is what I’m taking being absorbed for my body to use?

Is it safe?

Just what will this supplement do for me?

Is it good quality?


These are just some of the questions people have when it comes to nutritional supplements and with good reason too.  You should have a clear understanding the common expected benefits of anything you take (be it a supplement or medication) and what you’re hoping it will achieve for you personally.

You should feel confident that the product is of such quality that it will achieve these results safely. You should also feel assured that any combined regimes are safe to take together and do not provide unnecessary duplication. At About Health we have carefully developed each of our products to meet key health needs for New Zealand adults; we’ve sourced the best quality ingredients, used them as doses scientifically shown to have benefit, and ensured that our customers can combine ALL of our products together safely if they so desire.

Our three top selling nutritional supplements, commonly taken together are Res-V Ultimate, Lester’s Oil and Element 12 Magnesium. We have plenty of articles on the quality and benefits of our individual products which you can find on our blog; let’s now look at why people combine these three products and potential benefits to doing so. Some of the biggest health challenges people face on a daily basis are the ability to freely and comfortably move our body, to feel energized through the day and to get good quality sleep. These are the most common partially because these are things we can feel, compared say to supporting heart health, but also because they impact the lives of so many of us.

Res-V Ultimate, Lester’s Oil and Element 12 Magnesium help with these health concerns and so much more. Collectively they also help with healthy:

  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Eyes
  • Ageing
  • Inflammation
  • Mood
  • Nervous system
  • Muscle cramps
  • Antioxidant cell protection
  • Stress management

Starting with the most basic, but possibly most important question….is it safe to combine these three products? The answer is “yes”.

Across these three supplements you will find that Element 12 Magnesium and Lester’s Oil both contain vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), this is the only duplication of nutrients.  Lester’s Oil contains 1,000IU in a daily dose (2 capsules) while Element 12 contains 100IU per cap (recommended dose is 1-2 capsules per day, most people take one).

Typically, you need to take 50,000 - 100,000IU in a day, or 10,000IU daily for several months to risk toxicity. Prescription cholecalciferol is typically 50,000IU taken once per month.  For those wishing for a more robust statement of safety, Medsafe have this to say: "Vitamin D toxicity has not been documented during chronic therapy in generally healthy adults at a does less than 10,000IU per day. In a clinical study of healthy adults, a 4,000IU daily dose of vitamin D3 for up to five months was not associated with hypercalciuria or hypocalcaemia" *

Lester’s Oil contains the maximum amount of vitamin D New Zealand regulations allow in any one supplement, it is in this product for the myriad of benefits associated with this nutrient, such as healthy immunity, bone health, breast, prostate, colon and heart health.

Vitamin D is included in Element 12 Magnesium to assist in the body’s uptake of magnesium, a much lower dose is all that is required for this purpose.

So far we’ve covered quality (in other articles), safety and unnecessary duplication of nutrients, now on to the benefits of the supplements individually and when combined. This is just a quick recap of the key benefits, we have written extensively about our product benefits in other articles.

Res-V Ultimate is the upgraded version of Res-V Plus, the very first product About Health launched. It is a blend of 6 potent plant extracts with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity which protects the cells in your body and brings about benefits for your heart, brain, joints and improvement in energy, blood sugar balance and general health ageing.  Res-V Ultimate supports heart health by protecting the heart muscle from oxidative damage, supporting healthy strong capillaries, helping with healthy blood pressure. Most of the extracts in Res-V Ultimate are water soluble, this is important as our cells walls are constructed of a phospholipid bi-layer that has two parts (bi-layer), one being hydrophobic (repelling water) and one being hydrophllic (loving water) – so we need a mixture of water soluble and fat soluble nutrients for overall health.

When you read the benefit list of Lester’s Oil, our exceptionally popular fish oil based supplement, you could be forgiven for thinking these two products are very similar. While Lester’s Oil also helps to support heart, brain and joint health and healthy ageing, it does this in a different way to Res-V Ultimate, plus of course it has the additional unique benefits of supporting eye health and immunity. The omega 3 fatty acids in Lester’s Oil provide essential components for our nervous system architecture and function; they also have potent anti-inflammatory activity and support heart health via healthy cholesterol, blood pressure and blood flow. Co-enzyme Q10 is a fat soluble antioxidant that helps with protecting the heart (but in a different way to the water soluble antioxidants in Res-V Ultimate); it’s great for anyone on statin based cholesterol medication too.  Most of the nutrients in Lester’s Oil are fat soluble so they provide activity to different parts of the cells than most of the nutrients in Res-V Ultimate.

A lot of people take magnesium supplements, as with anything though, not all things are created equal. We formulated our Element 12 Magnesium to deliver quality magnesium that the body can actually utilize, with the addition of other nutrients to support a healthy nervous system. The key benefits of this product are quality sleep, reduced muscle cramps and spasms, stress management and healthy mood. There is plenty of synergy within each product, for example studies have found that the ubiquinone form of coenzyme Q10 (which we have in Lester’s Oil) has better bioavailability when taken with lipids, such as omega 3 fatty acids. Other studies have found that the combination of resveratrol and curcumin (from turmeric, both in our Res-V Ultimate) increases the bioavailability of both.  Our Element 12 Magnesium was designed with a number of co-factors, included primarily for their ability to enhance the bioavailability of the magnesium – vitamin D as mentioned and some B-group vitamins.

You know it’s safe, you know what they do individually, so what are the benefits of combining these three specific products? 

Basically, you are getting a wide range of nutrients that are commonly low or not present at all in even a healthy diet that cover the most common health challenges we face. Taking any one of these supplements on its own will provide some important health benefits, and maybe that’s all you need, if for example you eat lots of nuts and leafy greens, sleep well and don’t feel stressed, then you may not need magnesium. If you eat lots of oily fish, get out in the sun even over winter, eat lots of green, red and yellow vegetables and include liver and red meat from time to time, don’t have any family or personal history of heart disease, your joints and eyes are healthy….then maybe you don’t need Lester’s Oil.

Maybe you drink lots of green tea, eat lots of turmeric and antioxidant fruit and vegetables every day, have a healthy heart, healthy joints and loads of energy; if so, then perhaps Res-V Ultimate is not what you need. If like many people though, you know there are some gaps in your diet, plus you know you have some areas of your health that could do with some support, then you may want to look at how these three great nutritional supplements could help you to feel your best.

*Statement from Medsafe in relation to Fosamax Plus, a bone medication, but relevant across the board.