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Latest Resveratrol Research

There is always a huge amount of research being undertaken on this amazing ingredient, from all corners of the globe. 


Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenolic fat-soluble compound and antioxidant that is often described as a proponent of Healthy Aging. Studies associated with this antioxidant are so compelling that it is becoming one of the most recognised supplements around the world as it shows a huge range of health benefits.





So, what is Resveratrol?


Resveratrol is found mostly in the seeds and skin of grapes, some dark berries (such as blueberries), as well as red wine. Grapes and some other plants such as Knotweed, Green Tea and Pine bark produce this antioxidant polyphenol as a defence against fungi.


Resveratrol is unique among antioxidants because it can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect our brain and nervous system. Medical research gives enough evidence to assume resveratrol can be associated with numerous health benefits including protecting our cells against free radical damage, helping maintain a healthy heart and normal blood pressure, supporting the elasticity of our arteries, and reducing problems related to various inflammations and chronic conditions.


Some of the latest research being conducted on Resveratrol look at the potential role of mitigating muscle deconditioning in a Martian gravity, which although not a challenge for the everyday person it shows a real benefit in supporting muscle health here on earth. Other research also shows a beneficial effect on reducing body weight and BMI index as well as waist circumference, though further measures, such as exercise were needed to reduce actual fat mass.


Research undertaken in Canada by the Cardiovascular research centre, The Canadian VIGOUR centre and St Bonniface Hospital in conjunction with the University of Alberta and University of Manitoba, has shown further positive benefits of Resveratrol as an effective treatment in the prevention of heart failure. There are further studies also being conducted on the benefits of Resveratrol for this condition.


Healthy aging for many is not just about living longer, it’s about living better, reducing the number of health issues that one may face. Many of the research articles over the past couple of years have focused on the symptoms that people face when ageing, including lack of energy, heart issues, circulation challenges, brain issues, blood issues, inflammation and much more.  The great news is that in many of these ageing issues Resveratrol is having a positive effect.


With this amazing antioxidant continually being researched, we are certain that further positive results will be found in the coming years.