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Finding the motivation to keep moving
It’s cold, dark and wet outside. For many of us the motivation to exercise during winter wanes much like the warmth of the sun. But we are not bears, we don’t need to nap for the duration of winter – nor do we need to build up stores to endure winter – but that’s another topic! So while your activities may alter, you really do need to maintain your fitness over winter….here’s some ideas to get you motivated:
• Problem: Use to walking before or after work back when it wasn’t pitch black
Solution: Switch it up for a brisk walk during your lunch break
• Problem: It’s raining outside (and cold and dark!)
Solution 1: Invest in a good rain proof jacket, rug up and take a walking buddy – stick to areas with good lighting if possible Solution 2: If you work in a multi-story building do some laps of the stairwells Solution 3: Take it indoors – join a gym, indoor netball, vinyasa yoga or other activity that keeps you fit but warm and dry
• Problem: It’s too hard to get out of bed
Solution: Prepare yourself the night before – get your work clothes ready, your breakfast & lunch organized and set aside your workout gear so you barely have to engage your brain when your alarm goes off – which maybe you should place away from the bed so you have to get up to turn it off
• Problem: I'm just not motivated
Solution 1: What does being fit and healthy mean to you? Is it fitting your favourite jeans; keeping up with the kids or grandkids; training for an event; reducing your risk of chronic disease or perhaps something else? Once you tap into your core reason for wanting to be or stay fit it is easier to remain motivated Solution 2: Enlist in some help – either in the form of a workout buddy or book in for personal training – that way if skip your workout you’re not just letting yourself down, but someone else too (guilt can be a powerful motivator!) If none of this helps remember: we are well passed the shortest day of the year now – summer is returning to us once again so being active is going to get easier! Do you have any motivation tips you’d like to share? Let us know by commenting below.