You have probably seen About Health Supplements on TV - more specifically seen our very own Beatrice Faumuina talk about why she takes Lester's Oil Advanced, Res-V Ultimate & Lester's Night Cap for her on going good health. 


The pack is not just for athletes, it is for anyone leading a busy, active lifestyle. Because when you're leading a full active life, who has time to gulp down several different supplements each day? 


Watch the full video here...


While all of these benefits sound great, but a question we get asked all the time is do I need to take them ALL? The short answer is no, you don't need to take all three of them.


While our supplements are formulated to work together, it is important to establish what you really need help with. We recommened making sure you have the powerful anti-inflammatory activity covered which is really important for making sure your cells are looked after and protected against oxidative damage. After that your next choices can be based upon specific health niggles you're experiencing such as...


Are you finding it hard to go for your usual morning walk due to joint discomfort?

Do you feel like you're unable to do as much as you once did in a day becuase you feel run down or tired? 

Are you struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep at night? 


Let's dig a little deeper and see what this pack does and why its such a popular choice...

Advanced multi oil

Healthy Oil-based products are extremely important as they can reach parts of our bodies that other products simply cannot.

Lester's Oil Advanced is a more advanced multi oil, it's essentially 8 different supplements all rolled into, replacing a whole shelf of a pharmacy.

It's primary function is to support heart and cardiovascular health, joints and with the higher DHA concentration it supports brain health and mood balance.


Resveratrol antioxidant complex

Resveratrol is a favourite, not just because of its powerful antioxidant nature, but because of its benefits around healthy ageing and energy levels.

No doubt low energy levels impact our everyday life, but the biggest concern with lack of energy is the loss of independence.

Res-V Ultimate is formulated with super antioxidants such as resveratrol, grape skin extracts, turmeric and more to support our well being from a cellular level – which then supports our ability to do the things we love!


Specific Sleep Support

Healthy living for many of us, probably consists of exercise, diet and even the occasional supplement. One of the most important aspects often forgotten is sleep and sleep quality.

Sleep deprivation can affect mental performance, safety and health, productivity and performance can slip, and your physical health and mental well-being can be negatively impacted too. 

Lester’s night cap offers a calming combination to support a good night’s rest!