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About Us

About Health is a Kiwi-owned health supplement company founded in 2006 by Daniel King. We are the pioneer of resveratrol sales in New Zealand and have helped over 50,000 New Zealander’s with their health. 


In 2005 Daniel King’s mother was diagnosed with a serious blood ailment, he decided there was more that he could do than simply be a supportive son. As a scientist he began researching and before long About Health was born...


My Mother's Story

It all started back in 2005 when my mother was diagnosed with a serious blood ailment, her prognosis wasn't good and to top it off she also had joint mobility issues and was in desperate need of a hip replacement operation. This was a huge blow to me and my family and I was desperate to give her a better chance at life, so I set out researching natural products.

During my search I came across an article on resveratrol in the Australian Science Magazine Cosmos. In the article Dr. David Sinclair, a scientist at Harvard University, shared his fascinating research on the substance and its numerous potential health benefits. I know reading science magazines for fun might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have always maintained a keen interest since I graduated with a Master’s Degree in science in 1994, so this really caught my attention and I thought I need to get hold of some of this for my mother to try.

At the time, resveratrol wasn't being sold anywhere; however, I was determined to source some for my mother. I eventually found a supplier and together we selected the formula that later would become known as New Zealand’s number one selling resveratrol supplement, Res-V Plus. I gave my mother some to try and just 10 days later I received a phone call from my father who exclaimed: "Your Mum no longer needs her mechanical claw to pick things up off the ground!”

Although I had set out to help Mum with her much more serious health issue, this unexpected benefit was a great result. Within weeks, I started receiving positive feedback from my mother's friends who had seen significant improvements in my mother’s mobility and wanted to try some themselves. I was hand writing the ingredients on labels and out the door it went, I hadn’t even given it a name. I thought to myself there must be so many other people that could benefit from this product; it was this that led to the founding of About Health in 2006.

And on the subject of her more serious condition, I am happy to report that she received some great news a couple of years later, and it has only improved in the 5 years since then.

I have invested a lot of time into researching natural products and formulating multi-ingredient, multi-benefit supplements and while there are no guarantees in life, I firmly believe that supplements can help increase our chances of living longer, healthier lives.

Value For Money

Our supplements are all multi-ingredient, multi-benefit formulas, so not only do you have to swallow less pills to get maximum benefits, we also only sell directly to you - cutting out the middle man, which means we are able to offer much better value for money.

About Health Promise

We aim to provide a quality experience for all our customers from point of order through to delivery and use of goods, which is why we offer a no time limit, 100% money back guarantee on all our products. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any of our products, we will happily refund your money in full, no questions asked. If you have questions please see our FAQ page and if your question is not answered there, please feel free to call us on 0800 999 309 or email us at [email protected]


Meet The Experts

Daniel KingDaniel King

Daniel has background in business and science. After completing a Master Degree in science in the mid 1990’s he went on to work as an environmental scientist.

Science remains a passion for Daniel and he spends considerable amounts of time ensuring About Health remains up to date with the latest research relating to our products, and that our products exceed the quality standards expected of a leading supplement company.  

Laurence EyresLaurence Eyres


Dr. Laurence Eyres, runs his own contracting / consulting business for the Food and Dietary Supplements Industries specializing in dairy ,oils and fats and related lipids, product and business development. Until recently (2009) he was Business Development Director, Food and Nutrition at Auckland University. Laurence has had a varied career in the Food Industry spanning thirty five years. He is seen as one of the most experienced scientists in NZ in the field of oils and fats (lipids).

He has held managing director (Sabre Safety) and general manager positions as well as Technical and Operations Directors’ roles with Abels Ltd. ETA Foods, APV, Bluebird Foods, NZ Dairy Foods, and Fonterra Brands. He has also held roles in the Universities, namely Director and Associate Professor of Food Technology and Agribusiness at Massey University (2000) and  Business Development Director role at Auckland University.